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National Library Week 2016

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South Africa celebrates National Library Week during March each year. This year’s theme is LIBRARIES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING”. A wonderful theme for all of us, especially our youth and young athletes. I was much encouraged to see how highly our youth regard the deep value of education. After all, which education system can functional optimally without books and a library? NONE.


So young athletes – keep reading, keep studying, enlarge your horizons, broaden your experiences, get motivated and educated, fuel your dreams, when you take to the wold of books and reading!

Here are some of the wonderful responses that I had to the question:

In your opinion, what is the value of Education in a young person’s life?

Kaylene Corbett – Swimmer

Education is number one priority. You can be incredible in sport but if you don’t have something to fall back on when sport fails you have nothing. You should also try balance the two if sport is important to you and if you want to make a career out of it or become a professional sportsman/woman….



Jamie Reynolds – Swimmer

Education is vital to one. It helps your mind grow and opens up a whole new world for you. Many athletes rely on the sport they do to get them places in life, but the truth is, you can’t rely on your sporting talent forever. You always need a back up plan and the one thing someone can never take away from you; is the knowledge you have learned.



Marne Erasmus (Swimmer)

Education is one of the most important things in any one person’s life. It is so important that the younger generations be well educated so that they may grow up to be generous and well informed leaders.



Solami Buthelezi (Netballer)

Education is of great value. It’s highly important to have an opinion about national/global issues and the youth is best fit to deal with them but how can we expect solutions and change if the youth itself cannot formulate opinions due to a lack of education? Also, the flourishing of bad governance is aided by a people who cannot think for themselves. Through education for all, our country will see good governance, a more efficient work force and a huge boost in our economy (which we need more than anything right now) amongst other things.



Martin Binedell (Swimmer)

Education is vital, I grew up with the philosophy of a healthy body isn’t complete without a healthy mind. A lot of athletes forget there is a life after sport and the beauty of sport is that it opens doors, weather they lead to a better education or the opportunity of travelling.



Vanessa Mohr (Swimmer)

Education is of the utmost importance in a young person’s life. I believe that every young person should have the chance to receive tertiary education through and together with sport.



Nduduzo Mfoza (Cricketer)

Education is vital, it can open doors for you and as a sportsman you also need education cause you’ll never know what the future has for you.



Jonathan Draai (Cricketer)

It is vital for the youth of today to receive a good education as we are the future of the country. The more educated the people of our society are, the better off we will be as not only a country but also as humans.



Xolisa Guma (Rugby)

The value of education in a young person’s life is one of the most important one. If you are educated it can open so many doors in life. It’s a key thing to get an education because no one can take it away from you.



Joshua Howard Tripp (Tennis Player)

I think that it is very important, in case of an injury and are unable to play sport again, it is a great backup plan. Education is a great path to life even without sport.



Farhaan Sayanvala (Cricketer)

Education is everything in my opinion. I believe that the only way our country can move forward is through educating the youth. Like Nelson Mandela said, “ education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”



Zane Waddell (Swimmer)

I have been brought up, getting taught that you always have to have a plan B. So my degree will act as my plan B in the case that I get a career ending injury.



Madrie Le Roux (Tennis player)

I think it is very important to have proper education. Sports are also very important, it teaches you a lot. I don’t believe in technology. Young kids sitting inside with their ipads and computers. I believe kids must play outside or read a book.



Sean Moodley (Swimmer)

For me, education should always be first in a young person’s, in fact, everyone’s life. Education is the fundamental part of one’s life and should be cherish by those who are privileged enough to receive one. In my opinion, the only thing a person would regret is a missed opportunity. Don’t let your education be one.



Kurt Hensberg (Hockey Player)

I could ramble on about my opinion on education, but to summarize it: educating yourself is the best thing you can do with your life, but the way we are educated is not adequate enough. There is no replacement for experience.



Carissa van Rooyen (Swimmer)

I think it is important to excel in academics because you can’t only have swimming as a background and expect work to come find you instead of the other way around, especially because school teaches you a lot of lessons on how to handle life. How hard you work at school determines how hard you will work in real life when you go out in the ‘wild’. I also find that there is absolutely no reason not to try and excel in academics as you are not helping yourself by being lazy and not appreciating that you in actual fact have been given an opportunity to set a successful future for yourself. I always say to my friends,’ if not why not’.



Concluding with one of my personal  favourite quotes by a great preacher and brilliant Author – Charles Haddon Spurgeon. My prayer for our stunning nation:

“Home becomes a palace when the daughters are maids of honour, and the sons are nobles in spirit; then the father is a king, and the mother a queen, and royal residences are more than outdone. A city built up of such dwellings is a city of palaces, and a state composed of such cities is a republic of princes”.

Link: Library Week 2015: http://heslopsports.co.za/wp/sa-library-week-2015/







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