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Fresh & Hungry: Farhaan Sayanvala

The cream of South African cricketing youth is gathered in Port Elizabeth as we speak, competing at Cricket SA’s 2015 Coca-Cola Khaya Majola U19 week. (16-20 December 2015). An amazing week of fierce but fair competition takes place as youths country wide gather with the aim of ticking the first box of realising their dreams to be called up to proudly wear the Protea’s Jersey and represent SA. One to watch out for at this Tournament is Farhaan Sayanvala, who is proudly part of a group representing Gauteng and his high school St. John’s College. In this interview Farhaan speaks openly about his passion for Cricket, the importance education for our youth, hard work, commitment, vision and especially the value of humility. It is fascinating to get to know the heart of a player behind the kit, and see their aspirations and dreams to become game changers not just on the sports field but also in our communities and our stunning nation. Thank you Farhaaan and ALL THE VERY BEST AT THIS SPECIAL CRICKET YOUTH WEEK!


Athlete: Bio / Stats

Name & Surname Farhaan Sayanvala
Nick Name Fudgie
Date of birth 8 July 1997
Place of birth Johannesburg, South Africa
Current City Johannesburg
Height 1,9m
Weight 92 Kg
Shoe Size 12
Club University of the Witwatersrand
Coach’s Name Neil Levenson
Secondary Sport/ sports Golf
Favorite City Prague
Favorite Song/ type of music I love EDM music
Favorite Movie The interview
School & Grade St John’s College, Matric
Sponsors SS cricket
Instagram, facebook name Facebook: Farhaan Sayanvala

Instagram: farhaan91

Parents Names, siblings Dad: Riaz  Mom: Bilkees   Brother: Naazim



Q: You are passionate and doing so well in your Cricket tell me a little bit about how you started in Cricket and your journey in the Cricket arena up to now?

I started playing cricket at age 8, for my primary school, St Johns. I began to love the game, so I decided to get private coaching to enhance the little skill I had. My first breakthrough came at age 11, when I was selected for Area cricket. I made the Gauteng U12 and U13B team soon after. I was also captain of the St Johns Prep 1st team. At age 15, I started playing premier league club cricket. As I gradually got better, one thing led to another, and I made the Gauteng U17A team, and more recently the Gauteng U19A team, and the South African U19 world cup training squad.

Q: Who are you?

I have a very bubbly personality, and get along well with people. I am confident, and try see the positive side of everything. Once I set a goal, I will do anything and everything in my power to achieve it. I strongly believe that being humble will take me far in life.

Q: You have travelled outside SA before, what are you highlights of these travels, and what does travelling / international meets do for your mindset/ perspective on things regarding your sport?

Travelling around the world simply motivates me, because it makes me realize that in order to become the best in the world, it takes hours and hours training. So often we are caught up in our own little world, we forget the thousands of other people who we are competing with.

Q: In your opinion, what is the value of Education for our youth?

Education is everything in my opinion. I believe that the only way our country can move forward is through educating the youth. Like Nelson Mandela said, “ education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Q: What do you do to relax?

My favorite thing to do when I need to relax is to play a solid round of golf with my dad, or have a braai around the pool.

Q: What is your personal favourite motivational quote?

“ Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.”


Q: When an athlete hits some “hard / difficult patch in their sports career, what goes through your mind at that time? What advice can you give other young athletes in this regard?

The obvious thing that goes through your mind, is to give up and quit but the most important thing is to back yourself and your ability, and to realize there is a reason you are where you are. The best advise I can give to other young athletes is to never give up, and just keep pushing. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: In your opinion, how do you define success in life / how do you define a successful person?

I would define success, as the achievement of all your goals. One cannot decide whether another has succeeded or not because each and every one of us, have things we would like to achieve. Oh and money, definitely being rich is being successful.

Q: What’s your WHY ?  Why do you do what you do? Also, looking into the future, what type of influence do you see yourself having on SA’s and our continent’s youth? / What example would you like to set for the one’s coming after you?

What’s my why ? umm well I guess it’s the passion and love I have for the game. I do what I do, because it gives me a sense of purpose, and drives me to do greater things with my life. Ooh that’s a hard one. I hopefully one day have the chance to have an influence on South Africa’s youth, and I would like to set the example that through hard work and humility, anything is possible.

Q: What is your message of encouragement to South African/ African  youth and our nation?

My message of encouragement to the South African youth is probably to just never give up. I believe any kind of hard work you put in, you will see the rewards sometime in your life.


 Thank you so much for taking this interview. We would like to wish you all the best for your journey ahead. We look forward to following you as you go from strength to strength. Blessings!

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