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This page has information on Legal Copyright, Disclaimer and Disclousure on articles published on Heslop Sports website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other Heslop Sports social media sites.


Regarding the content of articles and interviews on Heslop Sports written and compiled  by Heslop Sports (www.heslopsports.co.za) the following applies:

You are welcome to request permission for use of our information via e-mail: cresi@heslopsports.co.za


You are welcome to use excerpts and links, provided that full and clear credit is given to Heslop Sports and www.heslopsports.co.za with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

External Articles

Some independent articles on Heslop Sports are sourced from various news and sport web sites world wide. I will ALWAYS credit images and CONTENT back to the original source, with a live link back to the original source of the information. Should you find any of your content on Heslop Sports and would like it to be removed – please e-mail me and I will immediately remove it. (info@heslopsports.co.za)


Thank you for visiting Heslop Sports website and Social Media sites. Please note that all images published on the HeslopSports website and social media sites are provided by the Athletes being published in the articles. We will always attempt to publish the original source of the photos and videos at the bottom of each blog post were available. If any photos or videos have not been credited to you, please contact Heslop Sports on info@heslopsports.co.za and we will rectify that immediately. We always try to credit all watermarked photos and or videos to the appropriate sources, if there are any that are not credited correctly, please email us and we will do so immediately. If any of the photos and videos on this website are used please credit the athlete, photographer (if available) and Heslop Sports.



We are open to reviewing products related to sports. We do not receive payment for reviews and giveaways and are not obliged to report back on the items or events in question. These posts on HeslopSports website and social media sites will contain links to the associated products or companies in review. Any purchases done through these links will sometimes result in HeslopSports getting a commission as agreed with the company in review.


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