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Do you believe your business or brand would benefit from exposure to Africa’s largest and fastest growing youth sports community? Could your marketing-mix use our phenomenal media exposure and dynamic, interactive platform to reach more customers?

Heslop Sports  is a great place for you to advertise!  We have built up extensive momentum as we lead up to the Rio Olympics this year August. This is reflected in our high and increasing web site traffic and in our social media streams.  This is sure to reach its pinnacle when we blog live from the Rio Olympics 2016.

We have found that because the blog is current, liquid, up to date with current happenings in youth sport and Olympic vibrancy, we have seen a lot of interaction, post shares, feedback and discussions  amongst our audience. This instant access to the world of unique and quality content proves to be a rare and sought after gem. Our comprehensive website is known to draw a large local and international traffic of audiences.

Heslop Sports Mandate:

  • Give a voice and exposure to every hard working and dedicated young athlete.
  • Publish the stories, aspirations, plans, progress, footage, images, stats, CV’s etc of young athletes.
  • Provide a funding platform allowing athletes to do a shout out for financial and other support into their own and the wider sport and business community.
  • Gather and share motivational material for athletes.
  • Connect athletes to each other.
  • Promote and market young athletes.
  • Celebrate and honour athletes.
  • Encourage parents and coaches of young athletes to share their experiences in the sports arena.
  • Reveal the person behind the sport, believing in balanced and holistic living in our society. “Sport is what they do, not who they are”.
  • To raise the profile of young South African athletes and hence encourage Corporate South Africa to back them.

Ultimately to create a valuable hub of the above information that can be used by athletes, coaches, parents, schools, scouts, sponsors, teams, communities and anybody with a keen interest in top and up-and-coming young athletes.

We have various Advertising Packages available – please contact us on howzit@heslopsports.co.za to inquire about our prices. To mention a few:

  • Banner advertising
  • Sponsored posts
  • Giveaways / Competitions
  • Digital campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Social media mentions
  • Brand ambassadorships




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