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Heslop Sports is a vibrant, Real-Time Sports Blog for Young Athletes. We have a special passion for UP-AND-COMING YOUNG ATHLETES within the various sports disciplines.

Our Aim is to:

  • Give a voice to young athletes.
  • Publish the stories, aspirations, plans, progress, footage, images, stats, CV’s etc of young athletes.
  • Provide a funding platform allowing athletes to do a shout out for financial and other support into their own and the wider sport and business community.
  • Gather and share motivational material for athletes.
  • Connect athletes to each other.
  • Promote and market young athletes.
  • Celebrate and honour athletes.
  • Encourage parents and coaches of young athletes to share their experiences in the sports arena.
  • Reveal the person behind the sport, believing in balanced and holistic living in our society. “Sport is what they do, not who they are”.
  • To raise the profile of young South African athletes and hence encourage Corporate South Africa to back them.

Ultimately to create a valuable hub of the above information that can be used by athletes, coaches, parents, schools, scouts, sponsors, teams, communities and anybody with a keen interest in top and up-and-coming young athletes. Let’s remember “not to despise the days of small beginnings”.


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I am Frank Heslop, an aspiring soccer player from South Africa. My blog is about my journey as a soccer player and what we as sportsmen will go through. I am still on this journey to meet my dreams. My intentions and hopes are that whoever reads my blogs will be inspired by my journey and realize that if I can do it they can too.

I have been playing soccer since I was about 7 years old and I have never looked back since. It started off small but as I grew older and got to know the game more, my desire to become a professional player grew. At the age of 14 I started at a soccer academy where I grew a lot as a player and in character. I am 17 years old now and have moved on to the Sharks Soccer Academy, which has been a great experience too. The journey so far has had its ups and downs but I have always tried to stay on the right path.

My aspirations are high and my dream is to be one of the best in the world, playing in the best leagues and representing my country in top competitions. I have decided to start sharing my journey before I have made my dreams come true. So hopefully as I share this journey all my dreams and aspirations can come with it and everyone reading this can follow my journey and I can inspire those who read this.

I am a born again Christian and believe GOD has great plans for my life. It might not be exactly how I plan it, but I know that it is big because I serve a Big GOD.


ABOUT JONATHAN HESLOP (aka Jono)  – by Jonathan (interviewed by Cresi)

IMG_4962  IMG_4961


Who are you, how old are you?

Hi, I am Jonathan Heslop and I am only 11 years old I was born in 2003 on the 30 of August.

Tell me a little bit about your home and school life?

I live in Pretoria in a wonderful home were I have one big brother and two loving and caring parents.

I go to a school called Cornwall Hill College. I joined Cornwall Hill College this year. It was a fun and exciting year.

Tell me a little bit about your extramural activities?

I do swimming, after school I also do cross country. Those two sports are very fun for me and the cross country helps me with my swimming so that it makes my legs stronger.

Tell me about what you like to do to relax?

I like to play at my friends and swim in the swimming pool when I relax. I also like to play soccer with my friends and my brother.

Tell me who are your hero / heroes? What have you learned from them?

My hero is Roland Schoeman and I have learned from him that no matter how tough it gets never give up because although he is 33 years old he still has not stopped swimming and he still participates in galas like FINA and other championships.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

My favourite Bible verse is: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me for all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

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