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Up-Close with Madrie le Roux

Mardie Le Roux, one of SA’s Tennis greats is a young lady who knows what passion and hard work towards sports and a cause looks like. Her journey of victory speaks of dedication as she repeatedly invests into her 10 000 hours! Heavy laden with merits from her participation at various SA, African and International prestigious elite tennis events she remains humble and hungry for the next level of success in her tennis.   Madrie is a person of deep character and purpose and says this so aptly “You never learn out of a win. Always after a loss”. She is currently trains with Coach Riaan Venter (Riaan Venter Tennis Academy).

She strives to be a brilliant change maker in the history books of tennis in SA and to drive tennis forward and leave a legacy of goodness. Breaking barriers of fear and urging our youth on to succeed in what set their hearts on.


Photo Credits:  Outsider Communications & Calyx Sports

Athlete: Bio / Stats

Name & Surname Madrie le Roux
Nick Name Madrie
Date of birth 19 April 1995
Place of birth Uitenhage South Africa
Current City Potchefstroom
Height 1.72
Shoe Size Uk 6
Coach’s Name Riaan Venter
Out of Country events Zimbabwe, Botswana, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, America, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Mauritius, Madagascar, Thailand, Malaysia,
Favorite City Cape Town
Favorite Song/ type of music Justin Bieber – Sorry / Pop music
Favorite Movie Any romantic comedy
School & Grade Stellenbosch High School

Matriculated with Cambridge International distance college

Sponsors Pacific
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @madrieleroux
Parents Names, siblings Father: Nico le Roux
Mother: Patricia le Roux
Sister: Elzaan le Roux


Photo Credits:  Outsider Communications


Q: You are passionate and doing so well in your Tennis tell me a little bit about how you started in Tennis and your journey in the Tennis arena up to now?

Yes, I am very passionate about my tennis. I started playing tennis when I was 4 years old. I was number one in South Africa at the age of 10 straight through to under 18. My highest ranking under 18 in the world was top 60. I played junior grand slams when I was 17 years old. Playing ITF Futures at the moment and trying to get my ranking into top 200 to compete at Grand slams, Wimbledon etc.

Q: Who are you?

I am a hardworking, disciplined tennis player. I set a lot of goals, short term and long term. I know what I want in life and what I need to do to be able to get where I want to be. I have a great team that I work with in Potchefstroom and who supports me.

Q: What is the highest accolade that you have achieved in Tennis and what is your greatest personal accomplishment?

I have played in two different junior grand slams. Australian and US open. Top 60 in the world under 18. Number 1 in South Africa for over 8 years. Played African junior championships. Played junior Fed Cup for South Africa and senior Fed Cup for past 4 years, part of the team for 6 years. One of the youngest South African juniors to be chosen for senior Fed Cup at the age of 14.


Q: You have travelled outside SA before, what are you highlights of these travels, and what does travelling do for your mindset/ perspective on things?

Yes, as a tennis player we travel a lot. Been to very nice countries before and also tough conditions. Sometimes the best places to go is not always the best option for your tennis. I started traveling when I was 11 years old. Love to visit new countries, experience their culture and eat different foods. They say traveling is the best education and I would have to agree with that.

Q: In your opinion, what is the value of Education for our youth?

I think it is very important to have proper education. Sports are also very important, it teaches you a lot. I don’t believe in technology. Young kids sitting inside with their ipads and computers. I believe kids must play outside or read a book.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Tennis is a very lonely sport. Traveling on my own sometimes, spending a lot of time by myself. The toughest is to loose on your own, handling it by yourself. Week in and week out you either win or lose and you have to handle it and move on. Motivate yourself sometimes, your coach can’t always travel with you. Too much money to pay for the coach all the time. So you got to stay positive and believe in yourself when no one else does.

Q: What do you do to relax?

When I don’t play tennis I just want to relax and do absolute nothing. I love going to the beach and swimming. Tanning, and of course shopping, all girls love shopping.


Q: What is your personal favourite motivational quote?

Never a failure, always a lesson.

Q: Would you like to share a little bit more about your faith journey and how it has affected your life / sports?

I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.

Q: When an athlete hits some “hard / difficult” patch in their sports career, what goes through your mind at that time? What advice can you give other young athletes in this regard?
You sometimes lose hope, you start to question everything. Then you have to remember why you have started in the first place, and how far you have already come. Just push it that little bit more and you will realize how close you really are to that break through. Just remember when you lose a match, never a failure, always a lesson. You never learn out of a win. Always after a loss.

Q: In your opinion, how do you define success in life / how do you define a successful person?

When you set goals, even small ones and you work your best to reach them. The moment you start to work for them, that moment you are successful in my eyes.

Q: What is your message of encouragement to South African/ African youth and our nation?

I always hear this “not a lot of South African tennis players make it”. And with only that sentence I want to prove anyone who has ever said it –  wrong. I want to break that barrier of fear. I want to prove that it is possible if you really work hard and give it your all. And if one person can make it, any other player that really wants it can go for it and achieve their goals. South Africa is one of the countries with the most tennis talent amongst the juniors. I want those juniors to keep on pushing hard and forget about all the negativity and just strive for your dreams. You can achieve it!


Thank you so much for taking this interview. We would like to wish you all the best for your journey ahead. We look forward to following you as you go from strength to strength. Blessings!



Photo Credits:  Outsider Communications

Contact Details:

Outsider Communications

Managing Director Eunice Visagie, T: 076 382 775, E: eunicevisagie@gmail.com 

Caylix Sport

T: 021 886 5955 F: 087 807 4804 E: stellenbosch@caylix.co.za, http://caylix.co.za

Riaan Venter Tennis Academy

Fanie du Toit Sports Terrain, C/o  Van Der Hoff Way and  Meyer Street, Potchefstroom, T: 018 – 299 4061

F: 018 – 285 6017, E: riaan.venter@nwu@ac.za, Riaan Venter: 082 450 9079, www.rvta.co.za

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