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Olympic Moms: Jean Brown – A message to Myles our son

Jean Brown, mom of Olympic Swimmer Myles Brown shares with compassion the wonderful principles that they as a family have always believed in and provided as a basis for  Myles. This just shows again that nurturing the deep treasures within our children  of respect, self worth, faith, hard work and dedication are the cornerstones for success.

The achievement of an Olympic dream is not just an isolated event. It is a journey that is so seeped in love and support by family, that when it actually  happens  one can clearly look back and say oh yes, the signs of greatness and preparation for the world stage was there all along.

Jean writes:

“To Myles our Son,

To say that you have made us proud would be too small a way of recognizing such great achievement. You work ethos and your dedication astounds us. Your humility and respect for your fellows leaves us in awe. Your love and your loyalty overwhelm us and your success amazes us.

Myles Mom


After all these years of training, sacrifice, trials and tribulations, you set upon the path to realize your lifelong dream. But as you embark on this phase of your particular journey, we want you to take cognizance of a few things:

• We recognize that you have grown into such a fine young man, who would make any parent’s heart swell with pride.

• This is your journey and whilst we have always helped your steer the bus, this final part is for you to enjoy. We will be there to support from the stands.

• Whatever you achieve, bear in mind the lessons you have learned along the way and continue to value them for the parts they are in the person you have become.

• Never lose sight of your star and remember if you do not reach for it you have no hope of grasping it.

• Stay true to who and what you are and remember the wisdom you have attained as you have grown to this point.

• Believe in yourself always. Human beings are incredible animals capable of the most outstanding achievements – only the non-believers do not achieve. You can so you will.

• Remember that we love you more than you could ever imagine and we wish you all the gold at the end of your rainbow and regardless, we will be there to celebrate with you.

• Travel safe Big Guy and enjoy this for all the joy you can get out of it. Stay happy, stay focused and good luck from the very bottom of our hearts”.



Dad and Mom

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