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Fresh & Hungry: Frank Heslop


I have decided to do a series of interviews with our young athletes called “Fresh & hungry”. These interviews will feature the “older” young athletes. I will be asking a few more in depth questions compared to the questions asked to the younger athletes in the “Meet the Young Athletes” series. The Fresh & hungry questions will hopefully give some insight into the minds of these young athletes and maybe even reveal a few secrets for us to learn from.

First up in our Fresh & Hungry Series, I speak to Frank Heslop born 26 March 1996, up-and-coming young footballer, ex-swimming champs medallist and dedicated academic, blogger, who currently attends the Sharks Soccer Academy in Durban. He is a Cambridge University matric graduate – class of 2013, currently first year Varsity College student, studying B.Com and Jesus follower.

Read on to see what stirs this young man and what his plans hold for the future……


So Frank, you just turned 18, how does that make you feel?

I am not going to lie, I am starting to feel quite old and that time is slowly running away.

You are passionate about your football, tell me a little bit about your football journey up to now.

It has been an amazing journey, from starting out in football and developing a passion for the game. I started out playing club football and then I realised that I want a career in football so I joined an academy and I am still in an academy, so thus far I am living the dream as many people would love to have the opportunity that I have. Football has allowed me to travel in the past, I will always treasure my trip to Brazil a few years back, and hopefully it will allow me to travel in the future.


You matriculated at the age of 16, how did that make you feel and how did it affect your football?

At that stage the midnight oil was my best buddy! Finishing school early allowed me to focus on my football and take my time with important decisions to make sure that the decisions I make were the best decisions possible.

What are you currently pursuing or what isn’t happening yet that you’re interested in making happen?

I told you, I am feeling quite old now at 18 so I feel it is time for me to break into some professional teams and move on to bigger things such as playing oversees.

Beside your football, what do you have a passion for?

I have a passion for human performance, I want to know what allows people’s bodies to perform the way it does. I am also always trying to figure out how people become or have become good at what they do, I do not fully believe in natural talent. I believe that is either their environment or their hard work that allows them to become so good.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

My father always says “You have to see yourself there (Overseas)”. My Grandfather says “Never give up”. I love this because this is what will determine whether I make it in football or not. Whether I go through ups or downs these two words of advice will determine if I succeed.


How do you currently manage to balance all the things in your life?

You will hear it all the time and it is no secret “Hard Work and Determination”. If I do not work hard I will not make it.

You have been living away from home since the age of 14 – what life lessons have you learned in this regard?

Firstly I have realised how much I need my family. They are the reason I am where I am. They are my motivation. Secondly life is not fair and if you lack even the slightest bit of confidence you will not succeed. Being away has really helped me put my trust in Jesus to deliver me from all circumstances, and trust me He has come through.


Family time

Fun with my baby-bro!

Fun with my baby-bro!


I see you often post stuff from Eric Thomas – “the hip hop preacher”, do you feel influenced by his life story?

Yeah because he has failed for so long and has never given up. It took him 12 years to get a 4 year degree, so he understands what it feels like to persevere. Many people would not even last 2 years yet he lasted 12. That is not even his full testimony. I love that he uses his testimony to change people’s lives. I love that he stands strong in his faith in Jesus.

Do you think that sports can be a ministry tool by which the lost can be reached?

Yes I do. I believe that sports is a platform to reach out to the lost and preach the Gospel. The whole world watches sports and many people look up to sportsmen and women so therefore they can make an impact on souls.

Tell me one thing about Frank David Heslop that the world does not know?

I enjoy eating bunny chows an Indian dishes.


Down time!

I’m sure you have many things going on right now, what’s to be expected next from Frank Heslop?

I am looking forward to the future, I am seeing some huge things happening and I believe that the right doors will open up. I have huge dreams and I believe soon I will be living out these dreams.

Thank you Frank for speaking to me in this interview.  I wish you all the very best blessings for your academic and sports endeavours, and would love to follow your progress and plans for the future.

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Frank in action:

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Sea Vacations are the best!



Never found without my footie

Training Time at Sharks

Training Time at Sharks

Front Frank

I am looking forward to the future, I am seeing some huge things happening and I believe that the right doors will open up. I have huge dreams and I believe soon I will be living out these dreams. Frank









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