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Book Review – GH&H – Hosea Ramphekwa

When I first met this fresh and hungry young Proudly South African, author, sports journalist and motivational speaker, I was amazed by his passion, fire and determination to be a world changer and history maker for the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book by Hosea Ramphekwa “Gifted Hunted & Haunted”, is brilliantly written and such a motivation, especially for our youth in general and our young athletes.

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The book really spoke to me on so many different levels. It is an inspiration with a firm challenge for all of us to step into our rightful place as talented, gifted children of God. It explores why gifted and people feel burdened and overwhelmed at times and provide solutions to overcome these and live life to the fullest, as conquerors and victors.


Ramphekwa truly finds a fresh and youthful ways to visit old topics. He has such an ease and conversational tone with which he connects to the readers that once you start reading you just want to finish.

Hosea and Cresi

Below are just some of the gems of wisdom that this young author puts out for us in this stirring book:

“Interestingly, as much as the evil one does his best to mess up many gifted people, the Giver of Gifts is also doing His best to ensure that His plans and purposes continue unabated”.

On disciplining our children “the ministry of rod and prayer worked wonders”.

Parents ought to “pray and prophesy over your children and their destiny. Decorate their future with blissful and blessed declarations”.

“Fear makes you run from something that is not after you”.

“Gifted people need to work extra hard on their gifts in order to excel”.

“We have a society that is lazy to read, that’s why libraries are not as packed at clubs”.

“Sometimes you need people to despise you so that you can always strive to do better and prove them wrong……Keep every stone critics thow at you – you will need them to lay a foundation”.

“God gave you the gifts to serve your generation and beyond”.

“There is no need to fear the enemy. God will protect his gifted folk….God’s desire is to give life. John 10:10 says, I have come that they may have life, and that they have it more abundantly”.

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To get hold of the book or the author:

What others have said about the book here.

Hosea Ramphekwa

Mobile: 072502 6727

BBM: 2A9E528C

Skype: Hosea Phaegane Ramphekwa

Facebook: Hosea Ramhekwa




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