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Gold Coast 2018 -Johannes Petrus Botha

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Hanru Botha is proudly part of Team SA who will represent our beautiful nation at the Commonwealth Games 2018 at the Gold Coast in the code of  wrestling. He speaks with gratefulness and honour about his selection and is eager to represent South Africa. Hanru is a born champion and has been training with “Coach Dad” since the age of 3. His has very high standards of excellence and hard work. He gives back to society by inspiring and training the next generation of wrestling champions.

About himself he says “I am a loyal and a hard worker. I want to be a role model for the children I am coaching and want to set an example for young wrestlers. Work ethics is important to me and hard work always pays off”.





Athlete: Bio / Stats

Name & Surname Johannes Petrus Botha
Nick Name Hanru
Date of birth 9 October 1989
Place of birth Pretoria
Current City Naboomspruit
Height 1.75m
Weight 76kg
Shoe Size UK9
Club Brave Wrestling
Coach’s Name Rudi Botha
Out of Country events Africa Wrestling Champs
Secondary Sports MMA
Favorite City DURBAN
Sponsors PrimalFit
Twitter and Instagram names, facebook name Hanru Botha
Parents Names, siblings Rudi Botha(Father), Pierre Botha(Identical Twin Brother)


Q: Firstly – you are proudly part of team SA selected for the Gold coast Commonwealth Games. Congrats! What is on your heart and mind right now regarding this big upcoming event?

It is a huge privilege, to wrestle on this level, and I want to make the country proud.

Q: You are passionate and doing so well in your Wrestling, tell me a little bit about how you started in Wrestling and your journey in the Wrestling arena up to now?

I wrestle since I was 3 years old and work hard my whole life. Due to funding, I could not always use the opportunities I had as it is expensive to travel and most wrestling is up North in Africa or Europe. The times that I had the opportunity, I medaled.

Q: Who are you? 

I am a loyal and a hard worker. I want to be a role model for the children I am coaching and want to set an example for young wrestlers. Work ethics is important to me and hard work always pays off.

Photo credits: Hansie Myburgh

Q: Why do you have so much respect for your coach?

My Dad is my Coach and unfortunately he does not allow any space for errors (Lol). He made us train on Christmas days as he used to say “while other people rest you train and they will never catch up again.”

Q: What is the highest accolade that you have achieved in Wrestling, and what is your greatest personal accomplishment?

I was Africa Champ 2007 in Tunisia as a Junior and also a silver medalist on Africa Seniors 2016.

Q: Who inspired you when you were much younger and why?

Bennie Labuschagne was a Springbok Wrestler when as  I was around 10 years old and he set an example, and still does.

Q: Would you like to share a little bit more about your faith journey and how it has affected your life / sports?

Wrestling is not a sport, it is a way of living. It taught me respect for others, discipline and to fight for what you believe in.

Q: So, you are a brilliant sportsman – but name 1 thing that you suck at 🙂.

Live English interviews(lol).

Q: Favourite food and who must cook it ? ?

Braai, my Mom Ashley is the best braaier.

Q: How do you currently manage to balance all the aspects and expectations in your life?

Planning, planning. My family and friends at my club help a lot and also make this possible.

Q: What is your favourite quote?

My quote,  “It is not how good you are, it is how bad you want it”.

Q: What is your definition of success in life?

Believe in yourself.

Q: What’s your WHY? 

I do not drink or smoke, and are proud of my body. I like to show people, what wrestling did for me in my life. To see the small kids train, and getting better, do what I teach them, this is satisfaction that you cannot explain to others. The bond between wrestlers is special, and this sentiment is all over the world. I have been in Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, if you are a wrestler, you share something common with all Nations.

Q: What are you most grateful for at the moment?

I am most grateful for having a Dad like mine. He stands by me, lose or win, as long as I work hard, he will share the disappointments and then we rebuild again. It is actually scary as he coached me since I was three, he will sometimes just make eye contact while I am busy wrestling and I will exactly know what my next move must be. There is a bond between us and I am very grateful for somebody like him.

Thank you so much for taking this interview. We would like to wish you all the best for your journey ahead. We look forward to following you as you go from strength to strength. Blessings!

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