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SWIMSMARTER: Collaboration Par Excellence

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SWIMSMARTER  is  the  creation  of  Grant  Kritzinger, swimming  enthusiast.    SwimSmarter  was   launched  on  the 1ste  August  2016.  We  coordinate  the  collective  expertise and exprience  of  a  diverse  range  of  swimming  achievers, trainers and  leaders.

Our  team  is  united  in  their  goal  of  taking  South  African swimmers  to  the  next  level  of international  success, raising the  profile  of  the  sport  nationally,  and  promoting  the benefits  of  swimming  whether  as  an  organised  sport  or  an informal activity.  SWIMSMARTER  is  a  collaborative  effort that  leverages  the  power  of  networking  to  greatest  effect. Like  the  perfectly-honed  technique  of  a  champion  swimmer, our  model  is  designed  to  seamlessly  turn  effort  into  results for  maximum efficiency  and  value.  Whether  you  are  a swimming  club,  school,  parent,  coach,  sponsor  or  mentor, we  urge  you  to  join  us. Together  we  will  instil  a  passion  for swimming,  identify  our  brightest  young  talents,    help nurture  and  develop  them  into tomorrow’s international swimming stars; while growing and promoting the sport of swimming to ALL.


What do we offer?

The  SWIMSMARTER  team  will  travel  to  your  swimming club,  or  pool  facility,  to  present  tailor  made  swimming workshops on  site.  As  lifelong  practitioners  and  supporters of  the  sport  swimming,  our  team’s  passion  serves  as  a living mentorship example to the youth, inspiring them to push themselves to the peak of personal achievement.  Our  team comprises  the  cream  of  swimming  training  expertise,  both from  South  Africa  and  the  international  arena.  Our on-going research  and  extensive  network  of  international  contacts allows  us  to  stay  abreast  of  the  latest  and  most advanced methods and techniques.We  emphasise  global  best  practice along  with  skills  transfer,  guiding  young  swimmers  to  set and  attain  aspirational  goals and  become  the  best  athletes that  they  can  be.    Programme  participants  can  be individually  mentored  and  trained towards   a   state   of   on-going   and   consistent   improvement.   Although   swimming  is  usually   an   individual   sport,   we emphasise  the  collective benefits.  When  a  swimmer  achieves  individual  glory,  the lives  of  those  around  them  are  also enriched.

The   SWIMSMARTER    programme    also    extends    beyond   physical    performance    to    encompass    holistic    individual development. The ultimate goal is to build healthy and balanced individuals, both in and out of the pool.


Our  vision  is  to be  an  inspiring  training  network  and  promotional  force behind  the  national  growth  and  recognition  of swimming, for the benefit of all aspiring young swimmers in South Africa.


Our  mission  it  to  become  a  world  class enterprise established  for  the  promotion  of  swimming,  and  the educational training   and   development   of   all   young   South African’s.   This   is   achieved   through   mentoring   by  inspirational   and internationally  acclaimed  champions, coaches  and  experts.  Through  local  programmes  and leveraging  our  network  of international  swimming  stakeholders,  we  inspire  the  swimming  champions  of  tomorrow  and  promote  the  benefits  of “smarter swimming” as a growing trend.


Our team is guided by the following core values:

•Knowledge is power: we make skills and techniques accessible to protégés.

•Mentoring is selfless sharing: we teach what we have learned from others.

•Excellence is going the extra mile: we strive harder, soar higher, give more.

•Passion is loving what we do: we love swimming and we love helping others to excel at it.

•Purpose is knowing our role: every link in our chain is strong.

•Success is a collective effort: when we all pull in the same direction, we achieve more.

•Collaboration is working together: every person’s contribution is important.

•Inspiration is to give of yourself to encourage others: we lead by example.

•Aspiration is aiming high: we strive to be the best we can be.

•Betterment is about turning effort into results: when you work smart, you achieve more.


•Lyndon Ferns (Olympic Gold Medallist)

•Guilio Zorzi (World Championship Medallist)

•Trudi Maree (2012 Olympian)

•Karin Prinsloo (2012 Olympian)

•Suzaan Van Biljon (Olympic Finalist)

Emile De Bruin (South African Coach BHP Billiton 2014)



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