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Report Back Alani Ferreira – 2016 Caixa Loterias

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It was wonderful for Alani to swim in the actual Olympic pool in Rio and experience the wonderful pool, vibe and Brazilians as a host nation. She shares some valuable information on what is going on in Rio currently. And very important information of Zika and preventative measures. Thanks so much for sharing Alani.

Alani report back

Meet / Championships Report Back

Name & Surname Alani Ferreira
Name of Meet 2016 Caixa Loterias swimming open championships
Date of Meet 22-24 April
City and Country Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Names of various Events participated in? 100m Breaststroke, 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle, 200m IM
Highlights of the event? Getting to swim in an Olympic pool and being able to gain experience and knowledge on how the Games will potentially be run considering call rooms and so forth.
Lessons learned from the event? When you are tired, always do a nice easy swim. You are guaranteed to feel better afterwards

Take each race as it comes and focus on that race specifically ,not on the races that still have to come for the rest of the day.

Swim every race like it could potentially be your last. You never know what may come out of those few seconds.

What was your experience in general of  Rio as an Olympic City, / the Brazilians, who will have the world’s eyes on them in a few days!


Rio was definitely something different for me because I am not an experienced traveler but it definitely is a beautiful city despite all the construction work taking place. The fact that there is still so much potential for the city definitely brings hope.

The pool itself was one of the best I have ever swum in. The blocks and backstroke block start equipment was superb and the pool in general was definitely of a high standard. The actual facility still has work to be done but it was not yet complete when I was there so it was expected, but I believe when it is complete the stadium will be an area of massive atmosphere and a perfect space for the Games to be held. I am not very experienced in Olympic pools but the pool itself was definitely the best I have swam in.

Tips for South African to be Zika aware / ready if they are going? You can never have too much Tabard mosquito repellent cream on. If you just use creams too prevent mosquito bites you should be fine. I myself dint see many but as long as you are diligent with applying your cream on you should be perfectly safe.
Any travelling tips for people travelling to Rio for the Olympics? LEARN BASIC PORTUGUESE! There is nothing worse than not knowing what food you just ordered…
What/ who / motivated you throughout the meet / champs? Seeing my team mates do well and support from Karren Hugo


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