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R70 Million for SA Athletes by NLC to SASCOC

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These funds are to be utilised towards the delivery of Team SA to the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Games. Some funds will be used for athlete preparation for these games.

Chairperson of the NLC, Prof Ntshengedzeni Nevhutanda said, “Besides being the largest funder of sport in South Africa, the National Lotteries Commission has a long standing partnership with the Olympics and Paralympics through its relationship with SASCOC. We are very honoured to extend this association in the interests of our athletes who will be competing with the greatest of world sports.”


“Through this historical alliance, we at the National Lotteries Commission have seen our athletes perform at the Olympics since South Africa was re-admitted into the global sports organization. We have witnessed the outstanding achievements of our sportsmen and women who have, on numerous occasions, brought us glory. The NLC is confident that our on-going partnership with SASCOC will bring continuous development and further success for our athletes,” added Prof Nevhutanda.

“SASCOC would like to thank the National Lotteries Commission for the huge sponsorship they have contributed to Team SA. This relationship with the NLC is not new but dates back from the time when we re-entered the Olympic movement. The NLC has been involved in funding our development and OPEX programmes which ultimately results in the preparation of our world class athletes,” said Mr Gideon Sam, President of SASCOC.

Sam added, “The public’s support is also appreciated because the money they use to purchase lotto tickets go a long way towards supporting Team SA and adding to their success. We can assure the NLC that their support and continued association with SASCOC has enabled our athletes to compete at the highest levels of international sports. This sponsorship is an indication that the NLC has full confidence in our athletes as well as SASCOC’s ability to deliver a successful games.”

Chief Executive of SASCOC, Tubby Reddy reiterated that, “The NLC has always been partners with SASCOC and we are grateful for their continued support towards the development of our athletes. We have always maintained that sponsorship, as shown by the NLC, is vital to our ability to produce world class athletes.”

“This generous sponsorship from the NLC is a tremendous boost for Team SA as we prepare for Rio 2016. Corporate South Africa is increasingly showing an appetite to partner with a winning team and Team SA and SASCOC can assure our country that our athletes will make us proud at Rio 2016,” said Reddy.



Graham Hill: Coach of the year – African Union Sport Council Region 5 (AUSC Reg5) Awards

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The African Union Sports Council Region 5 (Southern Africa) held their inaugural Regional Awards in South Africa over the weekend and swimming was the big winner of the night, walking away with four key awards.


Photo Credits – Calvyn Justice Facebook

Swimming South Africa’s National Head Coach, Graham Hill, received the Coach of the Year honour at the ceremony, which is aimed at recognizing athletes, coaches and sports confederations from Southern Africa.

Botswana’s 19 year old Olympic hopeful, Naomi Ruele won the Junior Sportswoman of the Year for her outstanding performances in major global events, as well as her time and technique improvement.

Ruele, who is on a FINA Scholarship in Miami, was also awarded the Swimmer of the Year from the Florida International University after breaking the 50m freestyle record at the NCAA Swimming Championships in the USA in March this year.

Veteran Olympian Kirsty Coventry (Zimbabwe) took home the Sportswoman of the Year, while Southern African Swimming Confederation (CANA Zone IV) claimed the Sports Confederation of the Year award.

Southern Africa swimming has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years, with 6 countries achieving qualifying times for Rio 2016, compared to the 2 from London 2012.


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