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Swimming Legend Karin Prinsloo Retires

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Last year when I had the honour of an Up Close interview with Karin Prinsloo, I wrote this about her, and today as I announce her retirement, I feel and mean each and every word that I wrote about her:

Written by Cresi on 2 May 2015:

Karin Prinsloo, SA’s Top Female swimmer, one of Africa’s and South Africa’s finest daughters, dedicated Olympian and our beloved Queen of the Swimming Pool talks to Heslop Sports in an exclusive interview.

She is also the deserving recipient of the African Female Swimmer of the Year award 2013. This ordinary girl from Marble Hall, with her extra-ordinary faith, vision, dedication and talent, is not just a triumphant athlete, but one who sets a brilliant example of purposeful living, showing that “this life is a dress rehearsal for eternity” (Leonard Ravenhill). This is the type of sportsmanship that inspires a generation, our Nation, our African Continent and also the world.

This champion represents SA well on the world’s top swimming arena’s and podiums, she is a multiple South African and African record holder and medalist, coach, mentor, and unashamedly an ambassador for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in and out of the water. Karin strives to motivate young athletes wherever she travels to or finds herself.

Full interview on Heslop Sports Here – http://heslopsports.co.za/wp/up-close-with-karin-prinsloo/

Karin retires

This morning Karin Prinsloo announced her retirement out of competitive swimming with these powerful and true worlds:

Karin Writes:

“SO many mixed feelings that it’s hard to comprehend For 21 years swimming was part of my life but last night I completed the circle by ending it off with the event I qualified in for the 2012 Olympics. I never thought the sport I loved so dearly would also be the very thing that brought me so much tears.

But today I walk away with a grateful heart. Grateful to the Lord my Maker who has blessed me in abundance with amazing achievements and people, people who were by my side, come good or bad. The past 2 years were the hardest times I’ve ever had to face but by the grace of God He carried me through it all. I thank each and everyone, especially my family & friends reading this for all the love and support over the years.

Wish I was able to make SA more proud and personally – spread the Gospel through my swimming career. But I know the Lord has other plans in-store for my life and as hard as it is to walk away, I am leaving with a smile on my face. Knowing I gave it my all and I have met the most wonderful people through my swimming career. I look forward to swim/compete on the New Earth again, where all the injuries, hardship, sin will be a small, far distance memory away and where we all will triumph in victory

Now to the only God our Savior be GLORY, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore!


Heslop Sports wish you all the best blessings for your journey ahead and look forward to what you will be ploughing back into the development of our Youth in South Africa.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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