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Olympic Hopes: Daniela Lindemeier

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Daniela Lindemeier, Namibian swimming sensation is wisely using the vibe and the momentum of this special Olympic year to sway her onward and upward, as he puts in her grind daily working towards the qualifiers and then the Rio Olympics itself in August this year. We are behind you and support you all the way as we connect our hopes to yours for this very special dream to become a reality.


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Highlights of 2015? 

It definitely was South African Nationals, in Durban. Where I managed two Fina B World Qualifying times. Another one standing out for me was All African Games (in Congo) where I managed three Bronze medals.

2015 was a great year and my utmost appreciation goes to the Davin Trust for standing by me and supporting me all the way! Special thanks to the late Mrs. Jeanne Davin who was my biggest supporter and mentor. I will forever be thankful!

The late Jeanne Davin with Daniela

The late Jeanne Davin with Daniela

Academic Plans for 2016

This year I’m still coaching in between my training sessions. My aim for next year starting my studies for biokinetics / physiotherapy.

Sports plans for 2016?

There are quite a few big competitions this year. The first one in Durban South Africa which is also a qualifying event for the Olympic Games. There are a lot of upcoming events that are qualifying opportunities for the Games. My focus has been the Games over the past years, so I will give it my best shot. It’s the biggest focus this year. After the Games, at the end of the year are the Short Course World Championships in Canada, which also always is a very exciting event.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

As for most athletes it’s the 2016 Olympic Games. I’m no different, haha. Looking forward to watching these and hopefully being a part of them.

What is your biggest motivation at the moment?

My biggest motivation right now (and has always been) personal improvement, in and out of the pool. To improve personal best times is all the motivation I need, it’s one of the best feelings, can’t be explained.

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

This year a lot of athletes see as a make it or break it. As it is an Olympic year. Pressure is high it can take the best of you if you let it. It’s not always easy. To me personally I learnt a way to turn it into a positive and let it drive me in training and in racing.

The goal/challenge for me is taking off those splits in my 100m breaststroke to reach an Rio qualification. So staying as healthy as possible and to push my body to limit each and every day.

What are you upcoming events where your friends and fans can follow and support you?

For the first half of the year, my first competition are our Namibian National Championships in February 25 – 28.

Then in April South African Nationals. That I can say for a definite.

Through out the year whatever opportunity (racing chance) might come up I’ll go for it.



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