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Fresh & Hungry: Xolisa Guma

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Xolisa Guma is one of SA’s strong links in the youth rugby arena. This KwaZulu-Natal champion winger, was named U18 Craven Week Hero of the Day (July 2015), after his side fought hard and beat the Golden Lions 18-16. A wonderful achievement, because this prestigious Coca-Cola Hero of the Day award is presented on each day of the tournament in recognition of a game changing ‘hero’ moment. He is humble, well grounded, full of faith for things to come, and with a lot of respect for the game, his team mates and his coaches, he says “You’re never bigger than the game”. I see in him such a dedication and relentless work ethic that success will have no choice but to join hands with him and journey into a bright future.


Athlete: Bio / Stats

Name & Surname Xolisa Guma
Nickname The Gugu
Place of birth Cape Town
Current City Pietermaritzburg
Height 1.87m
Weight 86kg
Shoe Size 11
Club Sharks u/18
Coach’s Name Kevin Smith
Secondary Sport/ sports Athletics
Favorite City Cape Town
Favorite song Jumpman by Drake
Favorite Movie Creed
School & Grade Maritzburg college, Grade 12



Xolisa Guma


Photo Credits:  Matt Marshall Photography


Q: You are passionate and doing so well in your ­­­­ rugby, tell me a little bit about how you started in rugby?

Well I started playing rugby in Swartland Primary. That’s a school just 30 km out of Cape Town. That’s where I fell in love with the sport and since then I just wanted to score tries.

Q: Who are you?

I am an outgoing person easy to get along with. I always have a big smile on my face no matter what and I am really friendly.

Q: What is your greatest personal accomplishment in rugby?

My greatest personal accomplishment is playing Craven Week for the Sharks for 2 years in a row.

Q: What was your highlight of the Craven Week.

First of all I would like to thank God and my Craven Week team mates for not giving up. This was one of the best moments of my life. It was the first time my family came to come watch me play a live game. I learned that we should never give up and have to keep on trusting the Lord’s power until the end. I really don’t think that I will forget that moment, when I scored the winning try and getting the Coca-Cola hero of the day. This will forever be in my books.

Q: In your opinion, what is the value of Education for our youth?

The value of education in a young person’s life is one of the most important one. If you are educated it can open so many doors in life. It’s a key thing to get an education because no one can take it away from you.

Q: Share a little about your faith journey?

My faith in God has a huge impact in my rugby and I think it’s one of the important things during my rugby journey. I have experienced so many things through Grace and I think if it wasn’t for Almighty God I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am so thankful and really I am blessed.


Q: What do you do to relax?

I don’t like relaxing too much. I always want to do something that’s going to get me closer to my dream and when I relax my competition outworks me.

Q: What is your personal favourite motivational quote?

We can never cheat the Grind for it knows how much we invest in it.

Q: What is your favourite bible verse?

John 3:16

Q: What’s your WHY ?  Why do you do what you do?

The reason why I am doing what I am doing is to take my family out of poverty. This is what drives me every day to challenge myself and not do what’s easy but do what will make me a better rugby player and person. I also want to give young kids in my township hope because most of them believe they don’t have what it takes to be great in their lives.

Q: What is your message of encouragement to South African/ African  youth and our nation?

I encourage youngsters to always challenge themselves. They shouldn’t do something easy. They should do something that will make them a better person and never stop dreaming because you have got what it takes to do whatever you dream of.

Q: What are you most grateful?

The thing that I am most grateful for is my talents I received from God. I will use those and always glorify Him.

Thank you


Photo Credits:  Neville Bailey

Thank you so much for taking this interview. We would like to wish you all the best for your sports and academic journey ahead. We look forward to following you as you go from strength to strength. Blessings!

NB – All images were supplied by the athlete to Heslop Sports. If there are any images that are not credited correctly, please email info@heslopsports.co.za with the details and we will gladly do so immediately.

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