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Meet the Young Athletes: Yuvish Premlall

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Next up in our Meet the Young Athletes Series is Yuvish Premlall (14 year old), this young man is destined for great things in life, a youngster who understands that nothing in life comes easy.  He has put in many hard hours to achieve his milestones thus far and understands the commitment needed to reach dreams that sometimes seem impossible. He is often referred to by his fellow athletes and mates as one of most committed athletes. Read on to find out what is on his heart and mind.

Yuvish Front


Who are you, what sport or sports are you passionate about, and in what year were you born?

I am Yuvish Premlall, born in March 2001. I love swimming and soccer. I am generally passionate about all sports.

At what age did you start with sport?

I started swimming at 9 and soccer at 7. I have always loved swimming as an individual sport. As a team sport soccer was always a good option. These two kept the balance between individual and team.


Would you like to share some highlights about your own sports events so far?

  • I was the first ever swimming captain of colour at St Peters Prep School.
  • I captained the Buccleuch Bucs Football Club.
  • I represented Gauteng at SA Schools Championsips in 2014 and managed to bring home a silver medal.
  • I swam at SA Nationals Level 3, in Port Elizabeth in 2015.
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If you were not going to be involved in swimming, what sport do you think you would be involved in?

I would play soccer. I would have probably being playing with some of my ex-team mates who currently play for the Pirates Academy.

Tell me a little bit about your home and school life?

I have a good home life, one that I consider perfect. I have the most love and attention any child can dream of. I have a very supporting family. In school I have many friends.

How do you manage to fit in both sports and academics into your schedule?

Once I understood my routine I balanced out the demands of swimming training against my academic needs. It is now a normal part of my life. I play soccer on a casual basis over weekends.

What do you do to relax?

I enjoy watching sports and playing any sport that presents itself.

What is your favorite food? And who must cook it?

I have way too many favorite dishes. In my household both my parents are equally good cooks, it is always a competition who prepares the better meal. PS. I am also an aspiring chef.

Who is your sports hero in the sports that you are involved in? What have you learned from him / her?

Chad Le Clos and Ryk Neethling. “ Never give up on your dreams”.

NTS 2014 Gold

Name one person who made a difference in your life and why?

My father, Vishal Premlall. Growing up he did not have the easiest life due to circumstances around him yet he still managed to persevere and create a fruitful life for his family, one that is deemed to be perfect. My dad is a very inspiring man to me and is my HERO.

For the rest of the year ahead, what are you looking forward to the most concerning your sport?

I am looking forward to a few big meets which will happen later this year. I am also looking forward to SA Level 3 Nationals next year in March.


What is your personal favourite motivational quote?

I drafted this quote on my own “ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AND SIZE IS A FACTOR”.

Thank you so much for taking this interview. We would like to wish you all the best for your journey ahead. We look forward to following you as you go from strength to strength. Blessings!

Yuvish4 Dainfern 2015

I drafted this quote on my own “ AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AND SIZE IS A FACTOR”.

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