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Opportunities – By Frank Heslop

This year I believe is the year of opportunity. My whole family believes that big things are going to happen this year, so I believe its going to be the year of opportunity. Its not a new year’s resolution. I believe one of the things that is going to stand out for me this year, will be all the opportunities that will come my way.

Now because of this belief I realised that there are a few values or principles I will have to live by to make this year successful. I will give two:

Firstly, “you have an opportunity of a lifetime but you have to take advantage of it in the lifetime of the opportunity”. (E.T.)

This came to me obviously by Eric Thomas but I only fully understood it when I went for trials at a soccer team called SuperSport United Academy where I didn’t get chosen. I looked back at my trial experience, and thought of all the opportunities I was presented with. I realised that life and the game of soccer have something big in common in that they are both all about opportunities and these opportunities unfortunately have a lifespan. Every time you get the ball its an opportunity. While you are running its an opportunity. Before you shoot there’s an opportunity. The person that succeeds is the one that takes his opportunities while it is still alive, not the most talented one or the most hard working one. So I realised that every opportunity I get I have to take if I want to be successful.

Secondly, “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”. (James 2:17) “Knowing is not enough, we have to apply. Being willing is not enough we must do”. (Bruce Lee)

This is very hard. It is so easy to talk, but “doing” is another story. There are some big goals that I want achieve this year so I have a plan. I don’t know if it will work or not, but what I know is that to follow that plan is going to be really difficult. So I don’t know if you’ve realised, but most of us get super excited talking about the plan and how its going to elevate us towards achieving our goals and dreams. Then day one starts and I can tell you now, you will struggle to wake up with the same excitement that you had when you were talking about it. So this year needs to be all about actions and much less talk, because this is how opportunities will turn into stepping stones for greater things to come.




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